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Updating the Ghost blog platform in couple simple steps

Hello All, This blog is running on Ghost. Here is a simple way to update the Ghost blogging platform to the latest version. Stop the service running Ghost, in my case, I am using supervisord to do so: supervisorctl stop ghost Create a backup of your blog content: tar cvzf www.myghostblog.com.tar.gz www.myghostblog.com.com/ Download and unzip the latest Ghost version: mkdir -p /tmp/latest-ghost; cd /tmp/latest-ghost curl -L -O https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip unzip ghost-latest.zip Move the content directory on your blog. cd /var/www/vhost/www.myghostblog.com/ mv content content2 Copy all the content... read more »

Installing and configuring Ghost blogging platform on CentOS 7.

I been a user of WordPress for couple years, but after having couple issues with it I decided to look for an alternative for my new blog (http://www.juliosblog.com). After a little of research, I found Ghost and decided to give it a try. Ghost is a free and open source blogging platform written in JavaScript (Node.js) and is becoming really popular. In this blog post, I will show how to install and configure Ghost on CentOS 7 to run behind Nginx. Installing First, we are going to install Node.js and the npm tool: [[email protected]~]$ yum install nodejs npm -y We... read more »