Hello All,

This blog is running on Ghost. Here is a simple way to update the Ghost blogging platform to the latest version.

  1. Stop the service running Ghost, in my case, I am using supervisord to do so:

supervisorctl stop ghost

  1. Create a backup of your blog content:

tar cvzf www.myghostblog.com.tar.gz www.myghostblog.com.com/

  1. Download and unzip the latest Ghost version:
mkdir -p /tmp/latest-ghost; cd /tmp/latest-ghost

curl -L -O https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip

unzip ghost-latest.zip
  1. Move the content directory on your blog.
cd /var/www/vhost/www.myghostblog.com/

mv content content2
  1. Copy all the content of the latest-ghost directory to your blog root directory.
cp -av /tmp/latest-ghost/* /var/www/vhost/www.myghostblog.com/
  1. Move the content2 directory to content.

mv content2 content

  1. Run NPM install:

npm install --production

  1. Start services

supervisorctl start ghost

And you should be online and running the latest version.